The Initial Assessment: Avoid Missed Coding Opportunities

Coding oversight during the Initial Assessment is bound to occur. Real Time’s PDPM Complete solution, ensures you are capturing accurate $PPD rates at the beginning of admission to reflect the care you are providing to each resident:

  • Extract live data from your EHR.
  • Identify overlooked coding opportunities including depression, NTA, multi-drug resistant, etc.
  • Capture documentation from Nursing Notes, MD Orders, valid diagnosis, and more!

The Interim Payment Assessment:  Identify Additional Reimbursements with Live IPA Alerting

For many facilities, IPAs are hard to identify, and where a facility has rigorous IPA processes in place, they come at a heavy expense of staff time. Real Time’s IPA Alerts tool immediately informs you when residents meet IPA criteria which may differ from the initial MDS, including attributed $PPD rates – allowing you to get reimbursement for the care you are providing.

  • Receive live alerts when an IPA is needed
  • Identify estimated $PPD rate for IPA
  • Improve IPA revenues by $32.29PPD avg
  • No data entry or extra work needed!

Improve Hospital Referrals

As quality of care improves under PDPM many facilities are seeing a decline in length of stay (LOS). Successful SNFs that use Real Time for PDPM are expanding their referral base to offset any LOS declines.

  • Proactively identify resident’s potential risk for readmission to the hospital and intervene early, before rehospitalization is needed
  • Improve quality measures and patient satisfaction ratings
  • Provide data-driven communications to referring hospitals and health systems

Not Your Average PDPM Solution

What makes us different than other PDPM support tools?  Unlike MDS Scrubbers, our solutions are based on live clinical data within your EHR. Our PDPM Complete solution can integrate into your present EHR workflow, so there’s no additional work – it’s that simple!

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