Achieve Accurate PDPM Reimbursement with PDPM Complete

PDPM Complete utilizes live data extracted directly from the EHR, including mission critical information found in nursing notes, to identify missed coding opportunities, deliver live IPA Alerts, and better assess length of stay.  Real Time helps facilities improve PDPM revenues through accurate reimbursement.

Receive MDS QRP Compliance Reporting

Ensure your reports are complete. Nursing facilities are allowed only 20% of missing data. There is a 2% penalty to annual revenue, if more than 20% CMS QRP data is missing.

Monitor ADL Analysis

ADLs, or the 6th vital sign as we like to state, are still an essential part to LTPAC care. Identify which residents are declining, improving or staying the same since last MDS Assessment.

Identify CNA Illogical Coding

Minimize facility-wide training needs by easily identifying all coding errors in your EHR, for each CNA within your facility to improve reimbursements.

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