Customize Live Clinical Alerts

While EMRs produce a limited set of generic clinical alerts, Real Time’s Interventional Analytics alerts can be tailored to fit your facility’s unique policies and procedures. Our clinical support team will customize your alerts so they are meaningful for your facility and have an immediate and direct impact on resident care.

Identify Potential Infectious Diseases Among Residents

With Infectious Diseases on the rise, it is essential for LTPACs to have tools in place to identify possible outbreaks within their facilities. Real Time’s Infection Risk Identification alerts and tools help support your Infection Control Management Program, by sending live clinical alerts in real time when possible signs of infections arise.

Improve Quality Measures

Real Time performs a mini-MDS on every resident, every day, enabling you to manage and improve your quality measures better than ever before.

Dynamic Keyword Search

Serving as your virtual QA Nurse, Real Time’s dynamic Keyword Search function scans and identifies 400+ keywords within your EHR, inclusive of nursing/progress notes, that indicate a resident is at high risk for readmission.

Benchmark Your Live QMs

Benchmark your live QMs with State and National Averages and proactively impact CMS’ 5-Star Rating​.

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